1-2 lbs chuck steak
Salt & Pepper to taste
1 package Banner Butter Roasted Garlic, Basil & Parsley butter
1/4 C blue cheese
4 cloves of garlic
Rosemary to garnish


1. Season steak liberally with salt and pepper. Allow to rest at least 15 minutes at room temperature to allow the rub to adhere.

2. Set the grill or oven to 225 degrees. Once the temperature has been achieved, add the steak to the grill. While the steak is cooking, combine 3/4 butter, garlic, and blue cheese thoroughly. Let the mixture sit at room temperature until ready for use.

3. Once the IT hits 110-115 degrees, take the Picanha off the grill and set it aside. Meanwhile, place cast iron skillet on the grill and increase the temperature to high (500 degrees on my @traegergrills ). Note: for quicker cook, you can sear in cast iron inside at this stage (~1-2 minutes per side) instead of continuing on the grill.

4. Once the temperature has been achieved, add the remaining butter to the skillet. Once the butter has melted, add the steak.

5. Sear the steak for 2-3 minutes per side in the skillet with the butter. Make sure to leave the steak on the skillet long enough to get a nice sear. Once the IT hits 125-130 degrees, pull the steak off the grill and allow it to rest at room temperature for ~10-15 minutes.

6. While the meat is resting, place a dollop of butter on each steak.

7. Carve the steak and enjoy!