Our Products

Sea Salt

Delicious hand-harvested sea salt is delicately sprinkled into our cultured, small-batch churned butter, creating an exceptional flavor and texture in this time-honored classic.

Smoked Sea Salt

Cold-smoked hickory sea salt is swirled into creamy, slow-cultured butter to create a savory, smoky flavor with a slightly spicy finish that is a perfect complement to all your grilled goodies from fish, to oysters to your butcher shop sirloin steak.


Because we use the freshest cream and we culture and batch churn in a process that takes up to 20 times longer than mass-production methods, our unsalted butter stands alone with superior flavor and creaminess.

Roasted Garlic, Basil & Parsley

We find the freshest basil in season and the freshest garlic. We then slowly roast the garlic bulbs in low heat until they are tender and sweet. These natural companions are carefully combined with high-quality butter.

Cinnamon, Cardamom & Ginger

Cinnamon, ginger, and freshly ground cardamom are swirled into our freshest butter along with a touch of sugar.


Our freshly churned butter is mixed with Meat Church’s Honey Hog BBQ Rub to create a sweet and southern butter perfect for ribs, pork, chicken, and veggies!

Seasonal Compound

We reserve a seasonal compound butter to highlight what’s fresh in the Southeast. Compounds like Strawberry Mint, Balsamic Fig & Caramelized Onion, and Dark Chocolate turn tradition in a delicious new direction.


Our buttermilk, or cultured butter whey, is the real deal. Many years ago, when industrial-scale companies took over butter-making, they didn’t “have time” to culture the cream before churning it into butter. So, they simply soured milk and called it buttermilk. But ours is the buttermilk you get when you churn real, true cultured butter. It’s butter’s milk!

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