– Lobster Tails  ( Appx.1-1-1/2 Tails per roll when chopped)
– Meat Church Holy Voodoo or Holy Gospel or Traeger Blackened Saskatchewan Rub
– BBQ Banner Butter
– Hoagie Rolls
– Fresh Green Onion
– Dill
– Fresh Lemons
– Dukes Mayonnaise
– Sriracha Hot Sauce
– Traeger Grill & Traeger Cherry Pellets, or Big Green Egg
– Small Cast Iron Pot or Saucepan to melt butter
– Basting Brush to drizzle butter
1. Rinse lobster tails, dry and cut out bottom of leg section to expose meat. Allows the outer shell to create a barrier/boat for the butter!
2. Season with any of seasonings mentioned (prefer something with some spice) or something you prefer. Allow to rub to set for a minute or two. In a small bowl mic 2 parts Dukes mayo to 1 part Sriracha hot sauce or until desired spice level, place in fridge. Chop some green onion finely and set to side,
3. Set Traeger to 375 degrees. Once temp is reached place lobster tails on meat up let cook for 5 min.
4. Baste with BBQ banner butter (not brush so seasonings stay intact)
5. Use internal thermometer and pull tails once 135 degrees internal. Open hoagie Rolls and Toast lightly on the grill until firm.
6. Remove meat from tails and chop on cutting board, leaving pieces med-large.
7. Take Sriracha Mayo mixture and spread on toasted hoagie roll both sides. ( I like a good amount on mine for contrasting flavor)
8. Spread a good handful of lobster meat across hoagie. Baste with a bit more butter & squeeze one lemon slice.
9. Top/garnish with fresh dill, green onion and a bit more seasoning.
Serve Hot and Fresh so bread stays crisp! Enjoy!